ABOUT Cornerstone

Cornerstone is helping to educate and equip a generation to make choices that honor the life God gave, the relationships they are in and the world around themselves. To recognize God’s word as being the only source of truth for life in this world, while understanding something may appear true it may not be God’s truth for them. Like abortion, it is true that abortion is legal, but it is not God’s truth for righteousness and holy living. The consequence of that choice, abortion, based on the world’s standard of what is a truth just leads to more death and destruction.


Cornerstone's Mission is to help women choose physical life for their unborn children and eternal life for their own souls, to promote abstinence, and educate people about sexually transmitted diseases; and heal the broken hearts of those suffering the effects of a past abortion.

  • Speaking truth with love and compassion about abortion and walking in sexual integrity.
  • Offering the hope of eternal life and Christ’s healing power to wounded hearts.
  • Sharing life-giving encouragement and education throughout a crisis pregnancy


Empowering individuals to embrace life-honoring choices.

These life honoring–choices go beyond saving the life of the baby, which is major and one of the prime reason we exist. It goes beyond the spiritual, emotional, perhaps even physical life of the mother, beyond the father who feels lost and abandon from his own father and does the same to his child. It goes to the core of whom we are created to be and in whose image we are created in. We are created in the image of the Most High God. We are called by Him to be vessels of honor for His splendor.

Your prayers and support help clear the way for God’s truth and life to be revealed and healing to take place, one life at a time.



Adrian, Esq.

Adrian Young joined Cornerstone’s board of directors in 2005, and currently serves as Board President. Adrian contributes a wealth of legal and financial expertise to the ministry. In addition to his legal practice, Adrian is a Chartered Advisor in PhilanthropyTM and a Certified Financial Plannertm specializing in Estate and Charitable Planning for families and business owners.  

Adrian earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Management from Dickinson College, as well as his JD and MBA from Temple University.  He is a member of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, New York and American Bar Associations, as well as the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy.  

 Adrian married his high school sweetheart, Julie, in 2003, and they reside in Lititz with their three children.  Adrian’s family attends and actively serves a local church in the area. Adrian enjoys sports, mentoring younger men, and, most of all, spending time with family and friends.



Darlene Kreider has been on the board since 2011. Striving to save the life of the precious unborn child is a priority to her.  Darlene and her husband live south of Quarryville and have a large dairy farm where they raised their three children. In addition there are three grandchildren that bring much joy! Darlene is an active member of her Church; she serves in different ways, including, serving as a deacon with her husband.


Jim, Rev

Jim Davis began his ministry with Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone in 2010. He currently serves as Pastor of Administration & Ministries in his Church. Jim earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree and his Master of Business Administration degree from Shippensburg University, and he has a Master Divinity degree from Moody Graduate School in Chicago. Jim has worked with prolife ministries in both Pennsylvania and Michigan. Jim and his wife were married in 1987 and have three daughters. Jim enjoys disc golf, hiking, reading, and spending time with family.



Chris Kauffman, our newest board member joined the board in 2015. Chris works in the family owned business.

While attending Shippensburg University, Chris met the lady he would marry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Chris was married in 2013. Their first child was born in 2016. She enjoys the family business also, and has had the joy of going to the office with daddy. Chris and his wife actively serve in the local church. Chris brings a passion for life and the desire to get the word out about Cornerstones and all the services it has to offer in the community.



Executive Director

Debbie Davenport- came to Cornerstone in 1998 as a volunteer and prayer intercessor. Her passion for life and administrative abilities gave room for her to later join the staff in 2004, as the Director of Operations. She helped Cornerstone achieve their medical status and developed the Healthy Choice/ Healthy Lifestyles educational incentive programs, which are still used today.

Debbie began serving as the Executive Director in 2007. She continues to bring clarity to the mission of Cornerstone within the clinic, and its role in the community and beyond.

Debbie serves as the Director on the leadership team for Pennsylvania Life Exchange, which involves networking, prayer, trainings and spiritual refreshment with Executive Directors in PA. She was most recently invited on the Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission SCA Advisory Board.

Debbie has been married since 1975.  Her husband is very supportive of her various leadership roles, including those at church. They enjoy life together and like to provide fun life-honoring experiences as they spend time with friends and family.


Administrative Director

Kathy Greig- joined Cornerstone in 2005 as a client advocate volunteer.  Her personal experience with facing crisis pregnancies and the importance of knowing truth before making a decision gives her a compassion and understanding for those who are dealing with fear. She has a desire to offer a support group to encourage family members who are facing the similar things. 

Her love of numbers and experience in administrative tasks equipped her to move in to her current positon as Administrative Business Director.  She has been on staff since 2008.

"Working at Cornerstone has truly opened my eyes to what it looks like to honor life and see that every single one has value, no matter the situation."

Kathy married her high school sweetheart in 1987 and is the mother of three beautiful daughters and a grandmother to a very special girl who lights up her world. 


Outreach & Development Director

Michelle Verdegem- Michelle is Cornerstone’s Outreach and Development Director. She has been associated with the ministry since December 2000 starting with her role as a volunteer client advocate and speaker before becoming employed. Michelle carries a heart for individuals suffering the consequences of abuse, neglect, abandonment and poor choices. She advocates healing and freedom in these areas and has a heart for others to embrace this part of Cornerstone’s mission and vision.

Michelle enjoys time spent with her adult children and newly acquired son-in-law and is currently raising her teenage niece. She enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, reading and looks for opportunities to utilize her creative gifting.


David Abbott
Volunteer Medical Director

Volunteer Medical Director, David Abbott, DO began volunteering with Cornerstone in 2002 serving on the Board of Directors. In 2004, he became the medical director and has continued to serve in this volunteer position. Doctor Abbott and his wife, who had been a volunteer nurse at one time for Cornerstone, also serve in 3rd world countries on medical mission trips.  They are active in their local church and enjoy time with their grandchildren.


Outreach & Development Director

Joyce Peifer, LPN- is Cornerstone’s Clinic Director, trained and certified to do limited OB ultrasound scanning. She was hired in 2004, when Focus on the Family, had just awarded the ministry a grant for an ultrasound machine. Her experience in OB nursing and long term care has helped prepare her to direct the clinic on a daily basis.

Joyce shares, "It is a privilege to interacting with volunteers and clients." Her favorite part is doing administering ultrasounds. "It is a joy to be able to use ultrasound technology to show the reality of a new life in a mother’s womb. It may not always be a happy time, but together we can explore choices and talk in a safe environment."

Married in 1970, Joyce & her husband, have four married sons and 11 grandchildren. Joyce volunteers at her church in various roles and enjoys reading.


LPN, Outreach Nurse

Margo Oberholtzer, LPN- is Cornerstone’s Outreach Nurse, since 2013. She is trained and certified to do limited ob ultrasound scanning. God has given her a passion for sharing the love of Christ with others and a deep compassion for the broken-hearted and hopeless.  Margo says, God led her to Cornerstone to use those gifts. She feels to speak truth in love, while doing pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, is an incredible privilege. She has been a nurse for 23+ yrs., working most of that in mother/baby health.  Married in 2001, Margo and her husband have three children (two are twins).


Client Services Coorinator

Danay Hershey- grew up in Lancaster. She has a degree in Social Work and is the Client Services Coordinator since March 2016. "I am grateful that God opened the door for me at Cornerstone to minister to those in a crisis. It is great to be a part of this team helping to educate about prenatal care, teach parenting skills and promote abstinence. God is at work here and is doing wonderful things!" says Danay.

Her servant heart is seen, when she is not taking a class for her Master’s degree, she is volunteering at her church with children or the youth. Her hobbies include baking, being outdoors and spending time with family.