Some may ask themselves “Why would anyone need to heal from having an abortion?”. Our answer to that question is that research shows many women experience anger, guilt, anxiety, broken relationships, depression, a sense of loss, psychological “numbing”, and thoughts of suicide after having an abortion.

Some women report problems related to their abortion months or even years later. 

This is why this experience is so important to discuss. It can pervade every area of a person’s life whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Abortion can be devastating and hard to navigate alone. We no longer want to avoid or deny the damage that an abortion can have on individuals who have made that decision.

Regardless of the finality of an abortion, there is hope and a path to peace. 

After 30 years of living as a Christian with a hidden past, I knew that I had to deal with the shame of my abortions. I was able to participate in an eight-week study for post-abortive women through Pregnancy Resources of Cornerstone. I learned how much I have believed the pro-abortion rhetoric. When the truth was revealed to me, we had an honor of life” ceremony. Every lie, all the pain, and all the shame of the years broke inside of me. I sobbed uncontrollably for the death of my babies and for the death that was inside of me all this time 

- Molly

Experience the peace and healing that comes when you’re able to share your burdens with another. We are here to meet with you halfway as you walk the journey of healing while speaking truth with love and compassion. We offer a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment that can allow you to enter into Jesus’ healing embrace. We provide life-honoring encouragement and education for women, men, and couples. 

“My Life has been transformed since my deliverance from the shame of abortion. I know that God has always loved me – now I can love myself as well.” 

- Sam

We believe you have the potential to make positive choices that will affect your physical and emotional well-beingNothing – absolutely nothing – is beyond the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. No sin is too big for Him, no darkness too great. Your abortion is not the end of the story. 

Contact us at 717-442-3111 or visit our website and chat with a live team member to begin experiencing healing today. You’re not alone!